My First Car – Chery QQ 0.8M Off Peak Car

Happy New Year! For a start of my new year I have bought a used Chery QQ 0.8M Off Peak Car for my transportation needs. To get a car is part of my new year resolution, I am glad that I could complete this goal within two weeks!

Why would I buy a Chery QQ (China Made Car) instead of other used cars? As of now, I have only two words in my mind. Budget and Newbie. For budget, I did calculations and found out that excluding petrol, parking, insurance and maintenance, the car would cost S$190 in expenses per month which is par on my Public Transportation Expenses. Newbie, although I passed my driving, two years ago. I have not driven since. With this car, I can practice my driving skills and adapt to the driving conditions.

I am a budget conscious person and I am going to make full use of this car to offset the expenses. Although I have paid the car in full, here are the mandatory monthly car expenses.

  • Petrol: S$200.00.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: S$120.00.
  • HDB Season Parking: S$80.00.
  • Car Maintenance / Others: S$50.00
  • Other Parking Expenses: S$44.00.
  • Road Tax: S$6.00.

Totals Mandatory Expenses: S$500.00.
Actual Including Car: S$690.00.

Today there are many ways to offset car expenses. Examples, Carpooling, Hitching, Part Time Dispatch and more. I am looking forward to exploring these options for expenses offsets, in the mean time I need to pick my socks up on my driving skills.

At least this is a car, until my finances fits, a more powerful car awaits.

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