A Week After with Chery QQ with Expenses

It has been a week since I purchased a used Off Peak Chery QQ Car. Drove to few places where public transportation could not access. Experiencing entering expressway, merging lanes, parking and others of what a newbie would do. Currently what is left for me to explore: Driving to Johor Bahru, Parking at Shopping Malls, Car Upgrades and Car Wash! (Birds somehow like my car!)

Expenses: For budgeting purposes, it is best to keep track of what I had spent. Here are the figures so far for the week. This is based on a 800cc off peak car, if this would be a 1600cc, normal car, this expenses would be doubled.

What? Cost in SGD:
Full Car Payment $8505.
2 Months Car Insurance $242.
2 Months HDB Car Park $152.
Smartphone Suction Holder $8.
Xiao Yi Car Dash Recorder $63.
Samsung Evo+ Micro SD Card 32GB, SanDisk Micro SD Card $35.
Petrol Caltex P95 $105.
Other Parking Costs $6.

Totals so far for 4 – 10 January 2018: S$9116.

Happy Driving, 2 Years 5 Months Left for this Chery QQ till C.O.E ends.

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