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Born and raised in Singapore, I am a 27 year old male that loves exploring and learning new skill-sets. A Techie that loves to analyse and debate about any Tech topics. Works as a Full Time I.T Operations and Support Engineer with the big boys companies. Interested in cryptography, data structuring and super computing. This site is powered by WordPress and hosted by Vodien.

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Bumpy Rough Sail – Verge of Capsizing

Many things are happening this new year, started off with a bumpy sail through rouge tides on the verge of capsizing. Though I feel that this is part of growing up cycle, I have to be more independent and self reliant. Change of work (company) is part of my new year resolution and I have […]

A Week After with Chery QQ with Expenses

It has been a week since I purchased a used Off Peak Chery QQ Car. Drove to few places where public transportation could not access. Experiencing entering expressway, merging lanes, parking and others of what a newbie would do. Currently what is left for me to explore: Driving to Johor Bahru, Parking at Shopping Malls, […]

My First Car – Chery QQ 0.8M Off Peak Car

Happy New Year! For a start of my new year I have bought a used Chery QQ 0.8M Off Peak Car for my transportation needs. To get a car is part of my new year resolution, I am glad that I could complete this goal within two weeks! Why would I buy a Chery QQ […]

Happy New Year 2018

Adventurous and Exciting is what I can say for Year 2017. My accomplishments for year 2017.  UberEATS – Delivering using my eScooter around my neighborhood. Vietnam, Ho Chi Min City – Solo Traveled for 5 Days & 4 Nights. Japan, Tokyo – Solo Traveled for 6 Days & 6 Nights. Taiwan, Taipei – Bought my […]